Windows Forms Controls for Microsoft .NET

Windows Forms Controls for Microsoft .NET 4.0

Windows Forms Controls is a suite for development of .NET based software
4.0.38 (See all)

Windows Forms Controls for Microsoft .NET is a suite of four individual applications easing the development and maintenance of .NET based software.
The GridEX Control supports hierarchical display of data and permits you to create effective "Outlook like" user interfaces while easing development and maintenance time.

The functionality provided by the control allows you to display, edit, sort, group, filter, manipulate, summarize, preview and print your data. Standalone MaskEdit, MultiColumn Combo, and UpDown controls are also included.

The Janus UI Controls for Microsoft .NET contains several user interface controls designed to provide a modern look to Microsoft .NET Windows Forms applications, some of the controls included in the UI Package are the Janus UICommandManager, Janus UIPanelManager and Janus UITabs.

The Janus Timeline Control for .NET is a 100% C# managed control patterned after Outlook’s Journal. The Control is ideal for displaying items in relation to time.

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